Dress Code

Members and their guests should be appropriately attired. In the case of Members and gentlemen this means a tailored jacket and tie at all times of normal usage of the Club. Women guests are expected to be smartly attired.

Denim is not to be worn in the Club by either male members or their male/female guests The exception is for those Members and guests who are staying in the Club upon arrival or leaving the Club.

In the following situations jackets may be removed.

  1. At particular functions where permission is given by the responsible Member and only when all present are attending the same function.
  2. Members and guests playing billiards or snooker in the Billiard Room or using the adjacent bathroom.


Smart Casual

In the following situations smart casual dress may be worn. Smart casual is best described as “Gentlemen you may remove your tie’. Smart casual means a tailored shirt, tailored trousers with jacket And tie optional:

  1. Resident Members and guests when entering or leaving the Club.
  2. Weekends. This is from 5pm on a Friday to 10am on Monday.
  3. Public Holidays.
  4. Members paying short visits to the Club for purposes of Club business.
  5. Members or guests attending functions or meetings where prior approval has been obtained from the Secretary/Manager or a Member of the Committee.